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Established to help businesses deal with all aspects of their electricity and gas portfolio, ECS has developed into one of the UK’s most trusted energy specialists.

About Us

Hello, we are Energy Consultancy Services (ECS); an experienced team of energy industry specialists helping businesses across the country secure the most cost effective electricity and gas quotations.

Since our formation, ECS has helped hundreds of companies develop their energy strategy, and best utilise the complex electricity and gas market. With clients as varied as poultry farms in Somerset, FTSE 100 firms in Cardiff and engineering businesses in London, we are proud of our record in consistently delivering the best energy prices and trusted advice.

By working independently with our vast network of electricity and gas suppliers, ECS are able to source the widest range of quotations tailor made to your business. Our comparisons clearly break down the cost of your electricity and gas, so you aren’t faced with expensive surprises when your energy bills arrive.

Our service doesn’t stop there, thanks to our extensive experience in the energy industry and passion for helping our clients, we are able to expertly analyse the markets, and are always ready to deal with any queries that may arise.

We understand that business energy decisions are hugely important and that’s why we enjoy forming long term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to give you the power to make the best decisions for your business.

How it began by our Managing Director, John Turner

“After over two decades working as a tariff manager for a major energy supplier, I was called as an expert witness in a court case involving a broker providing poor advice on energy matters. From my experience of the industry, it was apparent the broker was misleading his clients at a great cost to their businesses. Whilst researching the case, it was also clear that a number of brokers in the market either didn’t fully understand how the energy industry worked, or struggled to keep up with market developments. At this point I vowed to start a company that would be built upon expertise, experience and honesty. Out of these values, ECS was born.

Ten years after our formation, I am proud to lead a team of industry professionals and graduates who have helped hundreds of British businesses with their electricity and gas strategies.”


Our Services

  • A comprehensive multi-stage tendering process
  • Review of distribution capacity requirements and identifying any possible cost savings
  • New electricity and gas connections
  • Meter Operator Agreements
  • Data Aggregator and Data Collector (DA/DC) Arrangements
  • Connection Agreements
  • Energy efficiency advice including Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)
  • Bill checking against contracted rates
  • Advice on green levies

Our Suppliers

We have strong relationships with every major supplier in the UK. We source our competitive prices from suppliers included in the following list:

  • E.ON
  • SSE ( Including Swalec and Southern Electric)
  • CNG
  • Npower
  • Total Gas and Power
  • Corona
  • Scottish Power
  • Opus
  • Engie
  • Marble Energy
  • EDF
  • Gazprom
  • DONG Energy
  • Haven Power
  • Regent Gas
  • Smartest Energy
  • Crown Gas and Power

We Are Completely Independent

We compare quotes from up to 17 suppliers.

Why Use ECS?

As with any industry there are some companies who sacrifice customer service in favour of hard selling. At ECS we believe in putting our client’s interests before our own.

Making the right energy decision has never been more important.

Volatile markets, increasing pass through charges and new green obligations have significantly increased the price of energy. ECS can help manage these costs and make sure your company is getting the best deal, tailor made to your needs.

We have excellent connections within the industry.

ECS have access to the most up-to-date energy news, market data and supplier information which will help you make informed decisions at the right time. Thanks to our strong industry links and experience, they can help you with a range of energy issues.

ECS can save you time.

Prices for medium to large energy users are bespoke and based on a number of factors. ECS can compare quotes from a large range of suppliers and present them to you before the market closes, giving you enough time to make the best decision for your business.

It’s our job.

ECS know the market inside out and can make an otherwise frustrating and time-consuming process run smoothly and efficiently. We have the expertise and market knowledge to negotiate with suppliers and can recognise when we are getting quotes representative of the current market.



Please feel free to contact us on 01633 843 060 or head to our contact page where we can answer any questions about the services we provide.


We Are Proud of Our 95% Customer Retention Rate

Our Principles

We go the extra mile to ensure you receive a full energy management service based on the following principles.

Clarity and Impartiality

As ECS are a completely independent company, energy suppliers trust us to compare their offers on a level playing field. This is why we obtain quotes from the widest range of energy suppliers, not just the ‘Big Six’.

Intelligent Procurement

We provide our suppliers with detailed and helpful feedback in order to get the best possible prices, and we display our quotes in a fully inclusive format, giving you a clear indication of all the components that comprise your energy contract. This makes it easier to decide which supplier’s quote is most suitable for you.

Although it is hugely important to compare quotes from a wide range of suppliers; at ECS we monitor the market daily to ensure prices are compared when the market conditions are right, rather than when the contract renewal is due. This gives our clients the best possible chance of securing the right quote.

Trust and Support

We do not lock clients into restrictive agreements, our service is based on trust and providing valuable advice on all aspects of electricity and gas procurement. We provide continuous service that does not end when the contract is signed.

Thanks to our unique client record system, with ECS you can guarantee your energy sites are in safe hands. Your contracts will be closely tracked after signing to ensure they are terminated or renewed at the right time as to prevent your business being placed on punitive out of contract rates.

Experience and Expertise

ECS staff are experienced negotiators. Ensuring that you are getting the best possible price leading up to your renewal is what we do best. Our management team have extensive experience in the utilities industry and have passed on their experience to our newest employees.

Green Solutions

Our environmental consultant and qualified electrical engineer, David Moore, has joined the ECS team after over a decade working for the Carbon Trust. David can provide advice on a wide range of green issues including carbon management, carbon strategy, advice on energy commitments and renewables.

Together these qualities make us one of the UK’s most trusted and efficient energy consultants.


Clarity & Impartiality


Intelligent Procurement


Trust & Support


Experience & Expertise


Green Solutions

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